Make the World a Better Place with Every Search

The Internet has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives – and search engines too. We have grown accustomed to having the entire knowledge of mankind waiting at the end of our fingertips. No wonder countless investors in Silicon Valley have taken advantage of our love for search engines and amassed huge fortunes while continuing to broaden the rift between rich and poor. 

And that's where SearchFor comes in. Our mission is to pay back our success to the community. 50% of our advertising revenue goes to charities and non-profit organizations all around the world! We support organizations in a wide range of fields, ranging from animal welfare and education to environmental protection and the development of life-saving infrastructure.

You Decide Who to Support 

Just pick a cause that is close to your heart and make the world a little bit better every time you use SearchFor. 50% of all the revenue from the advertising you see will go to your chosen good cause, so you can make a donation without spending a cent! We are also great supporters of normal donations, but SearchFor is your opportunity to do something positive at no cost to yourself – and with no extra effort!

Now you can make the world a better place – search by search! SearchFor is the search engine with a heart.