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Save the wildlife and live in harmony with the nature.

WWF (World Wide Fund of Nature) is an organization fully dedicated to preserving wildlife across the globe. They have been founded back in 1961, and are heavily invested in the preservation of wildlife species, as well as minimizing the human effect on the environment. They operate on a global scale and possess a rather large budget, but the scope of their work is so huge that all donations are more than welcome.

WWF has its headquarters in Switzerland, but they are operating on a global scale, and are present in almost every country on the globe. This approach gives them a unique opportunity to stay in touch with the latest trends concerning wildlife, and to react wherever it is necessary. Their projects in Africa, Amazon, and Australia are more than well-known across the world, but they are involved in a lot of projects that are far from the public focus.

Since the rapid industrialization of the world in general and in 3rd world countries especially has led to the decrease of the habitat for the wildlife, all the attempts to preserve endangered species are more than welcome. Still, this is something that often requires huge funding, and it is not something that is readily available. This is especially symptomatic in the underdeveloped countries which can’t afford “green” technologies, and where urbanization is being carried out at a fast pace.

If you wish to help preserve wildlife and the planet Earth in as pristine condition as possible, you should consider donating to WWF. In this way, your money will be redirected to the most urgent tasks, and there are more than a few projects that require a lot of funding and a lot of effort at this particular moment, as the recent wildfires in Amazon and Australia have brought many species in a very hard position to survive.

WWF is a global NGO that is actively working on nature and wildlife preservation projects. They are especially involved with preserving endangered species of wildlife across the globe. They accept donations from both physical and legal entities.

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