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Save the planet - together we can change the world! Donate to Greenpeace!

Greenpeace is the household name that most probably every person in the world has heard of at least once in their lifetime. This non-governmental organization has been founded back in 1951, and it has been in the first lines of defense of our world as it is. They are trying to protect the planet Earth and all the living creatures on it.

They are well known for their activism in anti-nuclear campaigns, fighting deforestation, pollution, and global warming. Some other of their activities include fighting overfishing and commercial whaling. In essence, their activities are focused around the preservation of nature in as pristine condition as possible, and the abolishment of all things that cause harm to all living beings. Along with the aforementioned factors, they are also campaigning strongly against genetically modified organisms, and they are also involved in the promotion of peace.

Greenpeace has its offices in 39 countries across the globe, with the seat being in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They have a rather impressive budget of nearly $240 million, but it is just a drop of water in the ocean compared to the real needs of the projects they support. They have very strong relations with the United Nations, as well as with numerous political parties, especially in the western world.

If you are looking to invest in an organization that will do whatever it takes in order to protect all the living creatures in this world, then Greenpeace is the choice you need to make. All the funds they raise on a yearly basis are spent according to the most urgent needs of the organization. This includes protecting endangered species, as well as fighting climate change. By donating in Greenpeace, you will be investing in the future of the entire planet and all the living beings in this world.

Greenpeace is an NGO that dedicates its work to nature preservation, climate change control, and peace. They accept donations from both physical and legal entities, and they work in close cooperation with the UN and governments across the world.

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