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Amnesty International

Amnesty International helps refugees, women, children, or wrongfully imprisoned!

Amnesty International has been founded in the United Kingdom back in 1961, and ever since it has been a beacon of justice that fights for equality and the rights of every single human being on this planet. Their work has been recognized across the globe, and they are one of the synonyms when it comes to the organizations that are fighting for human rights. Their efforts resulted in many rewards, with the Nobel Prize back in 1977 as the most important one to be mentioned.

This non-governmental organization has several areas of interest, including the rights of women and children, rights of the imprisoned, and the rights of the refugees, which is particularly important in the past few years. They provide both financial help and the free expert legal advice for all of the aforementioned groups, as well as to any human being on this earth that has been wrongfully imprisoned, tortured, or deprived of their basic human rights.

If you wish to contribute to their efforts, you can easily donate money here, and these funds will be used in the best possible way. Currently, the majority of their efforts are directed towards representing those whose rights are revoked. In many cases, this is related to the 3rd world countries where women are deprived of most of the rights men have. Also, in some countries children have been mistreated and used as slave labor. In some other cases and places, people have been arrested and tortured with no legal grounds, as the dictatorships in those countries do not abide by any international law. Finally, the latest wave of refugees is a global occurrence, and many of these refugees are deprived of their basic human rights while crossing numerous countries in their migrations to the west.

Amnesty international is giving their all to help all of these groups, and since they are an NGO, they heavily depend on their benefactors to make their further operations possible. This makes donating in this charity a move any man or woman should be proud of!

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