For every web search you make, we donate half of our revenue to good causes.

Change your search engine and you can help

change the world

We know what you're thinking. "How is that even possible?".
Like other search engines, Searchfor earns its money from advertisements. But if you make it your default search engine, you might sleep better tonight. Because Searchfor directs advertisers' money toward a good cause you care about.
That's why, for every web search you make using Searchfor, we donate half of our ad revenue to good causes. You raise money simply by surfing the web. We donate to save the giraffes in Africa, rid the World's oceans of plastic and help little girls go to school in Syria.

Want to know more?
Please see our Introduction to Searchfor.


Positively impact the world

Searchfor works like any other search engine. The Bonus? It lets you raise money for your favorite cause by doing something you do every day - searching the web.


Choose your cause

Choose which good cause gets the money you've raised. If you don't nominate a single cause, donations will be split evenly between all non-profit orgs listed here.


We donate, thanks to you

Donate without spending a dime. Our policy is simple: When you search the web using Searchfor, 50% of our ad revenue goes to a good cause of your choice.

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The beauty of Searchfor is that it costs you nothing to raise money for a good cause close to your heart. And the more people use our search engine, the more we raise together. The Searchfor team hand-picked a small but diverse group of non-profit organizations. All doing incredible work. And operating in fields close to our hearts: children, wildlife and environment. You can choose to support as many organizations as you wish.

Just go to our Good Causes page and click the button "Add to my causes".